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This page highlights the differences between Rinjuken Akugata and Dai Shi Clan.

Rinjuken Akugata
Dai Shi Clan


Rinjuken Akugata Dai Shi Clan
Formed by three rebellious Juken students who turn against the teachings of their leader due to the corrupting influence of an immortal Formed by a powerful being who wishes to create a world where animals rule over humans
Originally stopped by the seven fellow students of the rebellious three, who seal them away but at the cost of taking permanent animal form Stopped by a squad of martial artists who seal the powerful being and his minions in a box
Began to revive when a fallen student (unknowingly manipulated by the immortal) abandons the path of Geki Juken to find real power Begins to revive when a Pai Zhuq student unseals the powerful being from the box to find his own path
No association with Genjuken which ultimately replaces Rinjuken after the fall of its leaders The stronger warriors of Dai Shi ultimately replace the trio who become Jarrod's teachers
Ultimately ends after the Gekiranger defeat its leaders and the immortal tires of them; later reunifies with the main Juken branch when the rebellious trio choose to redeem themselves to help them defeat the immortal Falls in the final Beast War, with all those part of the group (save one redeemed warrior) ultimately are defeated and the leader finally destroyed
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