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This page highlights the differences between Revival Ninja Vamp-Iyan and Sucker.

Revival Ninja Vamp-lyan


Vamp-lyan Sucker
Ninja with main alliance with Satarakura within Tau Zant's ranks. Ninja with allegiance to Lothor, unknown if had any connection to Shimazu.
Perverted with an interest in Wendinu. Had a rivalry with Kapri.
Main power is to revive former Chuunin by drinking the blood of other lifeforms. Main power is to mutate people into mosquitoes.
Main focus of combat was Kouta Bitou, not Shurikenger. Main focus of combat was Cameron Watanabe, not Dustin Brooks.
Had to be enlarged twice in order to grow. Only needed to grow once.
Never returned with the creation of the Evil Will's universe. Emerged to assist Lothor after the Abyss of Evil was opened.
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