This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Reversian Succubus Hells and Morgana.

Reversian Succubus Hells


Reversian Succubus Hells Morgana
Only associated with the Alienizers due to her criminal record. A major general within the Troobian Empire as Grumm's right hand.
Disguises herself as a human girl to scope out victims for her abilities. Typically chooses to stay as a little girl named "Mora", but has an adult form she strongly dislikes being in.
Has lifeforce draining powers. Has abilities in pictomancy; likewise has super strength and energy emissions in her true form.
Has two siblings, both older brothers. Has no siblings but old friends of Devastation and Shorty.
Mortally wounded by DekaBreak before using her power to empower her eldest brother. Ultimately defeated and arrested by the Shadow Ranger.
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