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This page highlights the differences between Reckless Dash Emperor Exhaus and Goldgoyle.

Reckless Dash Emperor Exhaus


Exhaus Goldgoyle
Exhaus is the main antagonist. Goldgoyle is a monster of the week.
Exhaus is a powerful massive being who towers over the Earth. Goldgoyle is a giant being who emerges on Earth similar in size to any other monster.
Exhaus tricked the Bowzock to demolish Earth in order to have the space for a galactic freeway. Goldgoyle was summoned by Divatox from the farthest corner of the galaxy to defeat the Turbo Rangers.
Exhaus supplied multiple giant robots to the Bowzock to help them face the Carranger. Goldgoyle has no connections to any evil mechas for Divatox's forces.
Exhaus appeared to swat down and kill VRV Master. Goldgoyle had no connection to the Phantom Ranger.
His threat lead Beauty Zonnette to retake her position as princess of planet Fanbelt. Goldgoyle was personally brought to Earth by Divatox, who did not return to her original alignment until after the death of Zordon.
Exhaus sealed the Kurumagic constellations and forced the Bowzock to destroy Pegasus Garage in order to eliminate the Carranger forever. Goldgoyle was used as a diversion in a simultaneous assault by Divatox on the Rangers' Command Center and other forces of the United Alliance of Evil which lead to the fall of Eltar, the capture of Zordon and the destruction of the Turbo powers.
Exhaus has two forms: his emperor form and his combat-ready "Super-Strong" form. Goldgoyle appears to have a form seen upon arrival on Earth but only has one true form.
Exhaus indirectly controlled the Bowzock, not a member of their gang. Goldgoyle was one of the many monsters of Divatox's crew.
In his Super form, he had rapid regenerative abilities so he could quickly heal from an otherwise fatal attack such as the RV Robo's Violent Dash Cut Hyper Crusher attack. Goldgoyle had a body made of gold that protected him from receiving any external damage.
Exhaus was defeated after being forced by President Gynamo to eat stale imo-youkan, shrinking him to normal size where the Carranger finally kill him. Goldgoyle was killed by T.J. Johnson sacrificing the Turbo R.A.M. by throwing it in his mouth to blow him up from the inside.
Exhaus' final words were him expressing shame that his plan to create an interstellar highway was gone forever. Goldgoyle's final words were him boasting that the Power Rangers were vastly weaker than had been said to be.
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