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This page highlights the differences between Raizo Gabi and Ripcon.

Raizo Gabi


Raizo Gabi Ripcon
Debuts in the final moments of the second episode, first full appearance is in episode three. Debuts in the first episode alongside the others villains.
Began fighting the Rangers in the third episode. Began fighting the Rangers in episode six and lost a horn in episode eight.
Had a deep, nonchalant, stoic voice. Had a pompous, arrogant, whiny voice.
Never called AkaNinger an insulting name. Had a tendency to refer to Brody Romero as 'Rat Bait'.
His mother was never mentioned. He mentions his mother.
He never met Tsumuji Igasaki. He only met Dane Romero once when Galvanax attempted to seize the power of the Ninja Nexus Prism.
He was one of the four generals from Kibaoni Army Corps along with Masakage Tsugomori, Ariake no Kata and Mangetsu Kibaoni. He was one of the three generals from Galaxy Warriors along with Madame Odius and Cosmo Royale.
Never met Baron Nero. He and Cosmo Royale are co-lieutenants of Galvanax.
Destroyed Yokai Kasha. Did not destroy Spinferno.
He did not employ Yokai Tengu. He and Badpipes confront the Rangers in order to get revenge on Brody.
He was never seen to be abused by anyone in the Kibaoni Corps. Whenever he fails, he would be abused by either Galvanax or Madame Odius.
Was at first skeptical with Kyuemon before being persuaded. Did not fully trust Odius for her suspicious agenda revolving around the Power Stars and the Ninja Steel.
Gained respect for AkaNinger prior to his death. Despised Brody to the bitter end.
Was manipulated into getting himself killed by Kyuemon in order to gain the position of general for Gengetsu Kibaoni. Was framed by Madame Odius with the creation of Robot Aiden and for stealing the Gold Power Star without Galvanax's consent, which then afterwards sent him to his own death by the Rangers.
Just before his first death, he thanked AkaNinger for allowing him to rest in peace. In his final moments, he raged that Brody finally took him down.
Gained a new form upon being resurrected. Did not gain a new form nor was ever resurrected.
Destroyed initially by the Secret Shuriken Ninja Art: Blade Storm Fury Slashes. Survived the Ninja Fusion Fury Final Attack only to be grown later.
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