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This page highlights the differences between Rainian Agent Abrella and Broodwing


Abrella Broodwing
Abrella is the main villain of the series Broodwing is the secondary villain of the series
Voiced by Ryūsei Nakao, the voice of Frieza from Dragon Ball Z. No association with Retsudo Shiba. Voiced by Jim Mclarty, the future voice of the Grand Shogun.
Abrella sells weapons and mecha to all aliens. Broodwing deals mainly to the Troobians.
The Dekarangers don't learn about him until Episode 30. The S.P.D Rangers learn about his presence on Earth in Episode 6.
Abrella becomes the black-market for Earth, but begins attacking the Dekarangers due to the Space Police ruining his sales Broodwing attacks Earth due to wanting to one-up Emperor Gruumm.
Abrella is deleted by the Dekarangers' D-Bazooka. Broodwing is arrested and contained by the Canine Cannon.
Final words were him arrogantly claiming that he might be done for but there will always be pure evil criminals out there to continue his work and then he curses the Rangers. Final words were him moaning that the Rangers couldn't do this to him.
Abrella is the Dekarangers' final battle. After arresting him, the S.P.D Rangers still had to stop Grumm and Omni.
Abrella reappeared somehow in Los Dark's ship in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger the Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship. Broodwing makes no appearance in Super Megaforce.
His costume was not reused for Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. His costume was reused for Power Rangers Ninja Steel as part of the Galaxy Warriors audience.
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