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This page highlights the differences between Raging Knight Dogold and Fury.

Raging Knight Dogold


Dogold Fury
Dogold is an elite knight of the Deboth Army, subordinate of Chaos and commander of Anger. Fury is one of Sledge's four generals and indirectly leads the rest of his monsterly crew.
Dogold was explicitly representing the emotion of Anger, as his task was to teach Deboth about said emotion, strengthening Deboth in the process. Despite being named after a form of anger, Fury does not represent any emotion as that aspect was dropped in Power Rangers.
Has the ability to create monsters that are able to make their victims extremely angry. Said anger would be absorbed into Deboth itself to strengthen him. Has no ability to create monsters, as the monsters are captured criminals.
Dogold was a native of Earth; his true identity is that of a sentient set of armor that has taken multiple hosts to retain his physical appearances. He had ensnared Utsusemimaru prior to the series' start, and after losing him, relies on Cambrima hosts that burn out after about a month, Fury is a living alien in all respects. Though able to absorb victims such as Ivan, he is not dependant on a host and does not absorb anyone after losing Ivan.
Dogold is just a Knight of the army and is the same rank as Aigaron and Candelilla, thus higher than Luckyuro. Fury is Sledge's second-in-command, ranking higher than Wrench, Poisandra, and Curio.
Dogold had gained a fur collar from absorbing Cambrimas on a monthly basis. Fury gained a fur collar through his slow aging, which disappeared during the time he imprisoned Ivan.
Dogold has held a grudge against Utsusemimaru and then later Chaos due to betraying him. Fury has held a grudge against Keeper for millions of years that still persists to present day.
Had been on Earth since the Sengoku era. Fury was tricked by Keeper into bringing a bomb onto Sledge's ship, thus trapping him on Earth for sixty-five million years until Sledge and the rest of his army return to Earth.
Dogold had a long connection with Utsusemimaru, due to imprisoning him inside of his armor-like body for many centuries.

He was never related to Dantetsu Kiryu's disappearance.

Fury is suspected to be culprit of James Navarro's disappearance.

Fury is revealed to have absorbed Sir Ivan into his body and pursued James.

Dogold had obtained the corrupted Zyudenchi of Zyudenryu Pteragordon from Hundred-Faced High Priest Chaos. Fury obtained the Ptera Charger after he stole the E-Tracer from Poisandra, before Chase destroyed it. He nevertheless managed to learned the coordinates of the Ptera Zord itself.
Dogold betrayed and possessed Resentful Knight Endolf at the end of Brave 29: Great Clash! Carnival Dances Fury never betrayed or absorbed Singe at the end of Forged Under Fire, he was just simply locked in a cell by Heckyl along with Singe to solve their differences.
Did not work for Neo-Geildon. He and the rest of Sledge's Crew were forced to work for Heckyl/Snide.
He did not oppose Chaos or Deboth. He first fought Lord Arcanon and his two generals before the dark lord defeated Heckyl and took over all of the crew members and outlaws alike.
Turned to the side of good briefly before his death. Remained evil until death.
Mortally wounded while defeating Endolf in their final battle, he allowed Utsusemimaru to kill him off so it would not be Endolf who had caused his death. He was sucked by a black hole with the rest of Sledge's Crew in the former Timeline, some time after Singe's destruction. He is then finally blown up along with Curio, Wrench, Poisandra and Sledge offscreen when Koda leaves a bomb on the Warrior Dome.

He was blown up by Keeper's bomb in the New Timeline.

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