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This page highlights the differences between Quest 47: The Steam Engine Roars! and Fishing for a Friend

Quest 47: The Steam Engine Roars!
Fishing for a Friend


The Steam Engine Roars! Fishing for a Friend
This is the forty-seventh episode of Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger. This is the thirty-seventh episode of Power Rangers Wild Force.
This episode occurred after Tetomu had been rescued from the Orgs. Princess Shayla is still held captive by Master Org in this episode.
Futaro momentarily appears in this episode. Kite does not make an appearance in this episode.
Steam Engine Org was created by remnant Org energy converging on a steam engine. Locomotive Org was created by an Org spirit possessing a train.
Steam Engine Org was stated to be the strongest Org because the faint Org energy built up to savage levels. No mention was made of why Locomotive Org was so powerful, other than Merrick mentioning that the wind told him it was stronger than previous Orgs.
Yabaiba purchased his rod and reel using a yen he had received. Jindrax bought his fishing rod using a credit card.
Tsuetsue's horn needed to struck by the Evil-Crushing Hundred-Beast Sword in order for it to enter Org Hell and pull Tsuetsue out. Toxica's horn needed to be charged with the Jungle Blaster in order for it to revive her from the Spirit World.
When GaoRed struck Steam Engine Org with Falcon Summoner Arrow Mode, it bounced off Steam Engine Org with no effect. When Cole blasted Locomotive Org with his Falcon Summoner, Locomotive Org sent the blast back at the rangers.
GaoWhite attempted to use GaoDeers to heal the Power Animals, only for Steam Engine Org to injury it as well. The Deer Zord made no appearance in the episode.
Yabaiba carried out his plan to revive Tsuetsue in the Oni Cave Matrix. Due to being on the run from Master Org, Jindrax enacted his plan to save Toxica in an abandoned warehouse, not The Nexus.
While the Gaorangers fought Steam Engine Org, Yabaiba enacted a plan that would lead to their greatest crisis. While the Rangers fought Locomotive Org and Jindrax was saving Toxica, Master Org was preparing a ceremony that would lead to the Rangers' final battle.
Yabaiba ends up reviving Shuten, Ura, and Rasetsu along with Tsuetsue. Jindrax only revives Toxica, not Retinax, Nayzor, and Mandilok. They would be revived by Master Org in the next episode.
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