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This page highlights the differences between Quakerose and Treevil.



Quakerose Treevil
Appeared in the fifth episode. Appeared in the 36th episode.
Based upon a tree and a rose. Based solely upon a tree.
Created in the Psyma Paradico by Pierre using one of his normal cards on the spell gate. Created by Jinxer from a tree in the woods. Never went to or was seen in the Skull Cavern.
Served Beast Baron Cobolda, not Denus. Served Vypra, not Loki.
Was not the last monster to against the GoGoV. The actual final monster was Big Douser. Was the last monster to against the Lightspeed Rangers. The Cyborg Rangers had appeared earlier on in the season.
Mission was to destroy a weakened dam so that Tokyo would be washed away. Mission was to attack Mariner Bay and destroy the Power Rangers.
Fought the GoGoV atop the dam. Fought the Lightspeed Rangers in the streets of Mariner Bay.
Main ability was his power to turn people into trees which would be enough to cause a massive earthquake, breaking the dam and flooding the city. Main power was that he could throw grenades themed after acorns.
Killed by the Life Bird's Calamity Breaker and then by Victory Robo's Victory Promenence attacks. Killed by the V-Lancer's Spectra Blast and then the Lightspeed Megazord's Fire Circle attacks. The Rescue Bird was not used since it was seen as outdated by this point in the series.
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