This page highlights the differences between PuppetZord and Controladrone.




PuppetZord Controladrone
Appeared in the 34th episode. Appeared in the 6th episode of the 2nd season and the 28th overall.
Puppet on right hand is named the Mega Nottoru Puppet (メガノットルパペット Mega Nottoru Papetto?). Puppet on it's right hand remains unnamed.
Has no special distinction. First Gamma Model in Season 2.
Fought alongside SunadokeiZord because Enter wanted to have two very powerful MegaZords team-up to destroy the Go-Busters. Fought alongside Digidrone because it wasn't sent in the previous episode for some reason.
Tategami Lioh destroyed it's puppet. The Chopper Zord's Rapid Blast obliterated the puppet since the Beast-X King Zord had not been introduced yet.
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