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This page highlights the differences between Psyma Family and Demons.

Psyma Family


Psyma Family Demons
Demonic beings formed from the Minus Energy of the universe, all related to one ancient mother, except for Juuma King Golomois, who is a long-time rival of the family. Demonic beings released from a desert tomb; the leader is only related to one of the demons
Goal is to use the Grand Cross to bring their mother to Earth for conquering and destroying the planet Goal is to conquer the world, eventually choosing to summon their leader to assist.
Their failure to fully summon their leader is due to Mondo Tatsumi's interference. Their failure to fully summon their leader is due to Ryan's interference.
The entire corp is sacrificed by their mother due to her lack of care for anything other than destruction The entire corp is sacrificed by their leader due to their failure
Does not have specific elemental weaknesses The entire corp's members, except Aquafiend, are weak against water.
Ultimately defeated by the surge of positive emotion of GoGoFive using their father's ultimate weapon Ultimately resealed due to one member sacrificing himself to make sure the leader remains captured.
Never worked with the Space Pirates Balban but one member does work with the Londerz Family Had members who worked both alongside Trakeena and Ransik's Mutants
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