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This page highlights the differences between Pollution President Batcheed and Professor Cog.
Pollution President Batcheed
Pollution President Bacchiido
Professor Cog


Pollution President Batcheed Professor Cog
Was the true leader of and the most evil of the Gaiark. A general of Venjix's army, never said to be most evil. Ultimately outlives his creator but was never considered the "true" leader above him.
Didn't know about Crime Minister Yogoshimacritien, nor was he aware that he temporarily usurped control of the Gaiark from him. Had only mentioned Venjix once, calling him his master, in the Clash of the Red Rangers Movie.
Never met Manpuku Aburame as he was killed off beforehand. Offered to help General Gut in his invasion by destroying the Samurai Rangers first. General Gut outlived Professor Cog.
Executed Industrial Revolution to power up the Batchirum plant and used Homurakogi as a living shield before being destroyed by Samurai Formation 23 Did not grow giant except at the beginning of Clash of the Red Rangers - The Movie and never betrayed Sergeant Tread.
Permanently destroyed by the Go-Ongers and Shinkengers and didn't return to fight the Gokaigers, instead his similar-looking son did. Never allied to Zangyack. Surviving his battle with the Samurai Rangers and the Red RPM Ranger, he fought the Super Mega Rangers while allied to The Armada.
Tried to get the Pollution Ministers to aid in his plan, but they refused and escaped into the Sanzu River. Does not use General Shifter, General Crunch, or Tenaya in his plan. None of the three villains even appeared in the special.
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