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This page highlights the differences between Pesaranza of the Kesaran-Pasaran and Kesaran.

Pesaranza of the Kesaran-Pasaran


Pesaranza of the Kesaran-Pasaran Kesaran
Pesaranza was a mischievous Yuumajuu that only fought the Goseigers when they interfered with his feeding of persistent love between humans. Kesaran was first brought as a phantom by Distractor and then given life when his creator was supercharged by the energy of the Wild Sword, gaining a physical body.
Could dissipate himself to avoid incoming attacks and had super speed. Had no particularly special skills, but was a competent fighter on his own right.
Was taken down by being immobilized and then blasted apart as to not being able to reintegrate his parts to reform his body. Fought alongside Gremlin against Troy Burrows after he unlocked the power of the Ultra Mode, with both being defeated and he was subsequently obliterated by the Ultra Strike along with his comrades and creator.
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