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This page highlights the differences between Org Master and Master Org.
Org Master
Master Org


Org Master Master Org
Org Master is a statue with the power of the Highness Duke Orgs. Master Org is the ruler of all the Orgs reborn within the envious and vengeful Dr. Adler.
Org Master was sealed by GaoGod and destroyed after Senki was killed by the Gaorangers and the Power Animals. Master Org was killed by Mandilok but later returned and then finally destroyed by the Power Rangers Wild Force and the Wild Zords for good.
Org Master has no connection to Kakeru Shishi. Master Org is solely responsible for the deaths of Cole's Parents, all out of jealousy and hatred for Richard stealing his love, a chance at a family, and being shunned of the fame that he wanted.
Org Master has no connection to Ultimate Org Hyakkimaru and Ultimate Org Senki. The Original Master Org was killed 3000 years ago and was to be resurrected through the seeds, only for them to be devoured by Dr. Adler to become the new Master Org to take his revenge upon humanity for how he was treated. Later on as he revived the Org Heart, he then shed his human body to obtain his final form.
It was destroyed when the Oni Cave Matrix caved in. Master Org survived the destruction of The Nexus before carrying out his final plan.
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