This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between the Ohrangers and the Zeo Rangers.

Ohranger With Kingranger
Zeo Rangers


Ohrangers Zeo Rangers
Are U.A.O.H officers powered by Tetrahedron to transform. Is a team made up of past Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that upgraded their powers through the Zeo Crystal.
Never had to replace their Sixth Ranger. Trey of Triforia gave his powers to Jason when his powers grew weak.
These characters had no connection or background to the past three Sentai teams. They were previously MMPR Rangers.
Did not become the Carrangers at the end of their season. Became the Turbo Rangers (except Rocky) to combat Divatox.
They did not grow giant-sized during the final battle. They grew giant during the final battle.
Teamed up with the Kakurangers and Carrangers. Only teamed up with the Alien Rangers.
Allowed Baranoia to take over Earth for a six-month period due to having to travel to a different dimension to get back their Superpower. Never allowed the to take over the Earth.
Their mentor was Chief Counsellor Naoyuki Miura. Never had any interaction with Mysterious Sage Barza. The Zeo Rangers were mentored by Zordon.
Could not defeat Onbu-Obake due their powers being made to counteract Machine Beasts and Onbu-Obake was a Yokai. The Zeo Rangers were unable to beat Impursonator due to her strength and durability.
OhGreen remained the second-in-command of the team, even after KingRanger joined the team. Jason Lee Scott was promoted to the second-in-command when he joined the team.
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