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This page highlights the differences between Ogre Tribe Org and Orgs.

Ogre Tribe Org


Ogre Tribe Org Orgs
Were an ancient tribe of Oni born from human sorrow and madness. Were ancient monsters awakened in modern times by pollution.
Battled the Power Animals and their human allies 1000 years ago under the leadership of Ultimate Org Hyakkimaru. Following his destruction they were led by Highness Duke Org Shuten, Highness Duke Org Ura, and Highness Duke Org Rasetsu, who later merged together to become Ultimate Org Senki. Battled the Wildzords and humans of Animaria 3000 years ago under the leadership of the original Master Org. Following his destruction, the human Viktor Adler became the leader of the Orgs in modern times. He later mutated into an ultimate form that incorporated elements from General Orgs Nayzor, Retinax, and Mandilok.
Were based in the Demon Cave Matrix, which served to bring new Orgs into being and was worshipped by the Orgs. It's destruction brought an end to the Orgs forever. Were based in the Nexus, which contained statues that held dormant Org spirits. Master Org and numerous Putrids survived its destruction only to be defeated by the Wild Force Rangers
In addition to fighting the Gaorangers, they battled:

They never battled the Timerangers.

The Mut-Orgs, a trio of Orgs who gained Mutant DNA from Ransik, joined forces with the second Master Org and battled the Time Force Rangers, Wild Force Rangers, Ransik, and Nadira. None of the Orgs ever battled any other veteran Rangers, nor would they team up with any future villains to battle future teams of rangers.
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