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This page highlights the differences between Oboroguruma and Crabby Cabbie.

Crabby Cabbie
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Crabby Cabby


Oboroguruma Crabby Cabby
Oboroguruma was a oxen cart Yokai who took the guise of a cab driver in modern times. Crabby Cabby was a cab transformed by Lord Zedd into a monster.
Had a laid back personality but turns aggressive when betrayed by either a passenger or a friend. Had an aggressive angry personality with very stereotypical New York manurisums.
First monster fought by Jiraiya. Was not the first monster fought by Adam Park.
Posed as a real taxi driver. Never posed as a human being s remained in his monster form throughout.
Originally just angry because a person was not paying thier fare. Always angry and aggressive.
Convinced by Jiraya that humanity is good o helped him to acquire the Ninpou Scrolls but turned violent when he discovered he had been tricked. Always evil with no redeeming qualities.
Oboroguruma fought only the Kakurangers. Crabby Cabby fought both the Power Rangers and Alien Rangers.
Oboroguruma attempted to ally with Azukiarai to improve his living conditions, later revived and worked with Tengu. Crabby Cabby never allied with Garbage Mouth, revived and only worked alongside Professor Longnose.
Never captured any of the Kakurangers. Captured Kimberly, Bulk, and Skull since they were inside of his cab once he was created.
Had a bullet attack he launched from his bonnet at Jiraya. Did not have a bullet attack (with the shot being removed because it both resembled and machine gun and because it was used on Alien Ranger Black who had yet to be introduced).
Knocked down Red Saruder by itself because the other Kakurangers had yet to acquire their Ninpou Scrolls. Knocked down the Red Shogunzord by itself due to a footage error.
Oboroguruma destroyed by the Giant Beast General's Tower Formation. Crabby Cabby destroyed by the Shogun Megazord.
Was not defeated by the full formation of Ninja Gattai Muteki Shogun because the Kakurangers had not learnt how to form it yet. Was not defeated by the full formation of the Shogun Megazord for unclear reasons.
Final words were him announcing that they got him. Final words were a reference to the Rockettesand him making a pun about exhausts.
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