This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Nuppefuhofu and Face Stealer.

Face Stealer


Nuppefuhofu Face Stealer
A being from Japanese mythology. A monster from the fictional country of Kahmala.
Disguised itself as a popsicle vendor. Had no human form.
His victims could still see, hear and talk after their faces were stolen. His victims turned into a vegetative state after there faces were stolen. They were completely unable to interact with their surroundings.
Stole human faces as he liked to turn them into pictures for his collection. His hiding place was full of framed human faces. Stole human faces as he liked to eat them.
Roamed the earth for hundreds of years, hiding in human form. Started attacking humanity when the seal on the Yokai's powers was broken in the first episode of Kakuranger. Was imprisoned in an urn by 4 ancient Kahmalan warriors, but released by Rita and Zedd.
His defeat in human size did not require any special tactics. The rangers had to use the masks of the ancient Kahmalan warriors to deflect Face Stealer's attacks. This made his powers in human size useless.
Was destroyed by Super Kakure Daishogun. Did not encounter King Brachion at all. Was sealed back in his urn by the Power Rangers exclusive Ninja Ultrazord.
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