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This page highlights the differences between Nue and Hate Master.

MMPR Hate Master
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Hate Master


Nue Hate Master
Chimeric being made up of the body of several animals. Chimeric monster made up of pieces of Finster's former monsters.
Emissary of Daimaou. No special position with Rita, Zedd or Master Vile.
Main rival with Jiraiya, but also fought Saizou and Seikai. Main rival with Aisha.
Used magic to manipulate people against each other, such as Saizou and Seikai or Jiriaya and his teacher Gali. Used rap music to manipulate emotions to cause hatred and frustration.
Defeated by a combination of the God Beasts and Tsubasamaru, never fought King Brachion. Defeated by the Ninjazords and Titanus.
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