This article is about a/an comparison of series in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger and Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger
Power Rangers Ninja Storm


Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger Power Rangers Ninja Storm
Is the 26th season of Super Sentai. Is the 11th season of Power Rangers.
Is completely serious, with no comedic qualities whatsoever. Is comedic toned, the only time the series gets serious is near the end of the season.
The Kasumi brothers are blood-related. The Bradley brothers are not blood-related, though they are adopted.
Lasted for 51 episodes. Lasted for 38 episodes.
Did team up with the Gaorangers Didn't team up with the Wild Force Rangers
The villains use a scroll to make monsters grow in some episodes, but a mask is used most of the series. The Scroll of Empowerment is used most of the series.
As with the entire Super Sentai series, production continued in Japan. Production of Power Rangers moved from United States to New Zealand as a result of recruiting actors from Australia and New Zealand.
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