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This page highlights the differences between Neziregia Mobile Commander Yugande and Ecliptor.



Yugande Ecliptor
Yugande was a robot warrior created by Doctor Hinelar. Ecliptor was a robot warrior built for Dark Specter who serves under Astronema.
Yugande was partners with Shibolena. Ecliptor was a father figure to Astronema.
Yugande does not have a personal history with Guirail as he met him with he was sent to assist Doctor Hinelar. Ecliptor has a personal history with Darkonda which is the reason he refuses to trust him due to his treacherous nature after Darkonda is sent to assist Astronema.
Yugande undergoes multiple upgrades before reaching a final form. Ecliptor has numerous forms, but only has two major ones.
Yugande was destroyed in a final battle with the Megaranger in his final red form alongside the death of Shibolena. Ecliptor was reverted back to normal after red form was defeated. Later takes vengeance on Andros for "killing" Astronema before being the first to be annihilated with the death of Zordon, hit point-blank by the Z-Wave, destroying him.
Yugande was never brainwashed. Ecliptor was captured and modified to be evil again after helping Astronema and the Space Rangers to escape.
Yugande was forced to fuse with Guirail twice, both during the same episode. Ecliptor was forced to be fused with Darkonda three times, the first two in the same episode and a third time much later.
Yugande was badly injured as a result of being struck by Super Galaxy Mega's Super Galaxy Knuckle. Despite being struck by Astro Delta Megazord's finisher, Ecliptor did not show signs of being badly injured after retreating.
Yugande's cybernetic implants were the result of fixing him due to the damage caused by Guirail using him as a shield. Ecliptor's cybernetic implants were added as part of his brainwashing.
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