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This page highlights the differences between NeoCrisis and Doomtron.


NeoCrisis Doomtron
Built after MechaCrisis was destroyed. Was already being constructed when Max Axe attacked.
Was created specifically to destroy the V-Rex. Was not identified as being created specifically to combat the Q-Rex.
Was originally human size, and eventually grown into a giant to begin its rampage. Started out human size, but was later grown into a giant to finish the final stages of construction.
Was created by Gien and used by him following his defeat of Don Dolnero. Was created by Frax and used after his humanity was destroyed by Ransik.
Had to halt its rampage when Gien was forced to make repairs. No indication was given that Frax had to repair it at any time.
Was Timeranger's final battle. After the Time Force Rangers destroyed it, they still had to deal with Ransik.
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