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This page highlights the differences between Neo-Geildon and Snide.



Neo-Geidon Snide
Movie-Exclusive Villain The main villain of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge alongside Heckyl before being joined by Lord Arcanon and later Sledge.
Did not take over Chaos' role as leader of the Deboth Army. He and his alter ego, Heckyl have taken over Sledge's role as leader after he was seemingly killed when the ship crashed.
He has no connection to Go-Busters' villain, Enter but did work alongside him.

Does not have any tattoo, mark or symbol on his neck.

He and Heckyl share the same body through the tattoo on both of their necks and their personalities will tend to clash with each other whenever one of them takes over or vise-versa. That was until they've had been split by Kendall's Split-Emitters under the control of Lord Arcanon.
Wields an ax-like sword and shield. Wields only a Katana.
Is a clone of Geildon, a villain from Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger. Is the alter-ego of the alien Heckyl with no known connection to Zeltrax other than their resemblances.
Captured and brainwashed Ryouga Hakua (AbareRed) to fight the Kyoryugers. Never encountered, captured or brainwashed Conner McKnight, the Red Dino Ranger.
Fights and is defeated by the Abarangers as Neo-Geildon. Never encountered or fought the Dino Thunder Rangers.
As Neo-Geildon he had Barmia Soldiers as his main Foot Soldiers. As Neo-Messiah he had Buglars as his Foot Soldiers. Zorima and Cambrima were just support given by the Deboth Army. Had Vivix and Spikeballs as his main and only foot soldiers. Never used Triptoids or Tronics.
Later becomes Neo-Messiah, a clone of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters villain Messiah, who gets destroyed by the ToQgers. Is only encountered by the Dino Charge Rangers. He never encounters the Beast Morphers and the ToQgers doesn't even have a Power Rangers counterpart.

He is destroyed by Heckyl, the Rangers and the Ultrazord.

Never gained a form related to Evox.

In the new timeline, his existence is prevented when Zenowing and Heckyl prevent Arcanon and Singe from stealing the Dark Energem. As such, the Dark Energem never touches Heckyl to create him.

Did not take control of Gadoma. Took control of his and Heckyl's personal Megazord, Fortress.
Did not encounter, work with, or get betrayed by Endolf. He along with Fury, and Wrench encountered Singe before he had joined his/Heckyl's cause. But it was all just a plan to spy, then betray Heckyl before returning to his true master.
Did not fought against Chaos, Endolf, nor Mad Torin either on foot or in a giant fight. He declared the fight against Lord Arcanon, Singe, and Doomwing and fought them in the Megazord battle.
He was created from the negative resentment of Dezumozorlya by Space War God Borudosu and had no connection to Deathryuger's power. He was created from the Dark Energem's power when it had bonded to Heckyl on his home planet, Sentai 6 before it was destroyed by Lord Arcanon. He had no relation to Mesogog.
He did not betray Chaos. He double crossed Arcanon by joining sides with Sledge and his crew, in retaliation for banishing him.
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