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This page highlights the differences between Neo-Geildon and Heckyl.


Neo-Geildon Heckyl
Was a recreation of Darkness Messenger Geildon created by Space War God Borudosu. Is a humanoid alien who can change from himself to his monstrous alter-ego, Snide through his tattoo and has no known relation to Zeltrax.
Was allied with the Deboth Army but was never a part of them. He and Snide were alien prisoners on Sledge's Ship 65,000,000,000 Years ago.
Movie Exclusive Villain.

Main Villain of Dino Super Charge along with Snide.

His weapons are his axe and shield. He relies on electro-kinesis while Snide wields his katana.
Did not have a human form nor was he even two people.

He and Snide share the same body and communicate with each other through their items.

IE; Heckyl talks to Snide through his pocket watch while Snide talks to Heckyl through the hilt of his katana.

He never turned to the side of good. He turned to the side of the good after being separated from Snide by Lord Arcanon, whom he has sought revenge on for destroying his home planet of Sentai 6.
He never teamed up with the rangers to defeat the Deboth Army. He went back in time with the rangers to ultimately defeat Sledge.
He never teamed up with Torin. Teamed up with Zenowing to stop Lord Arcanon from stealing the Dark Energem in the past, and subsequently, saved his planet from being destroyed.
Became Neo-Messiah. Did not become Evox. Nor did Snide.
Did not become Deathryuger. Became the Dino Charge Dark Ranger in the Boom Studios comics from his comic counterpart.
Worked with Neo-Grifforzer Did not work with Goldar Maximus
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