This page highlights the differences between NeedleZord and Needledrone.




NeedleZord Needledrone
Silent. Made grunts and yells.
Created from the data of Needleloid, a Metaloid based upon a doctor an created from a set of needles. Created the data of Needletron, a Robotron based upon a needle and created from a bicycle pump.
Mission was to attack GT-02 Gorilla when it took Enertron out of a tower to treat Neeedleloid's victims. Mission was to steal Morph-X from a Morph-X Tower.
Arrived 39 minutes and 40 seconds after GT-02 Gorilla was deployed to retrieve Enetron. Arrived before the Wheeler Zord Gorilla Mode made it's debut.
GT-02 Gorilla debuted against it because it was the best way to transport the Enetron. The Wheeler Zord Gorilla Mode debuted against it because it was a more powerful mode and it was alone against the Gigadrone at that point.
Fought GT-02 Gorilla because it was it's objective. Fought the Wheeler Zord Gorilla Mode because Ravi and Smash were the only available to respond to it's deployment.
Initially didn't fight Hiromu because he and Yoko were fighting Needleloid. Initially didn't fight Devon because he and Zoey were fighting Blaze and Roxy.
Never fought Yoko and RH-03 because she was busy trying to save the victims of the now deceased Needleloid. Never fought Zoey and the Chopper Zord because she was fighting Roxy in a personal battle.
Go-Buster Ace was the one to destroy it because GT-02 Gorilla needed to deliver the Enetron to save the victims of Needleloid. The Racer Zord Battle Mode was the one to destroy it because the Wheeler Zord was low on power (thanks to Needledrone draining it of Morph-X( and it's Rocket Storm had previously failed to destroy it.
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