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Bouken Yellow/Yellow Overdrive Ranger

This page highlights the differences between Natsuki Mamiya and Ronny Robinson.

Bouken Yellow
Bouken Yellow & Yellow Overdrive Ranger.png
Yellow Overdrive Ranger


Natsuki Mamiya Ronny Robinson
Natsuki had twin-tail hairstyles in her appearance. Ronny had ponytail hairstyles in her appearance, but it's short term.
Cheerful, childlike personality. Serious, competitive personality.
Natsuki knew Masumi (Bouken Black) very well and met him before becoming a Boukenger. He was her best friend and a possible love interest. Ronny met Will (Black Overdrive Ranger) when she met the rest of her team. He was nothing more than a teammate to her.
Natsuki is an ancient human of the Lemurian civilization. Ronny is a normal human being.
Natsuki can emit a special energy only possessed with the body of Lemurians. Ronny possesses super-speed.
Has used the Bouken Tector Never used the Defender Vest
Teamed up with Gekirangers in Juken Sentai Gekiranger vs. Boukenger. Ronny does not teamed up with Jungle Fury Rangers.