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TimeFire/Quantum Ranger

This page highlights the differences between Naoto Takizawa and Eric Myers.

Quantum Ranger


Naoto Eric
Naoto remained in present where the V-Rex was. Eric had to travel back to the Jurassic era where the Q-Rex was before returning to the present.
Naoto wanted to be better than Tatsuya Asami. Eric had a normal rivalry with Wesley Collins.
Naoto was a power hungry and self-serving person, not thinking about the welfare of others. Eric was a loner who wanted to improve his life, but ultimately cared about protecting people.
Naoto actively sought out the V-Commander to control V-Rex. Eric accidentally stumbled upon the Quantum Morpher.
Naoto obtaining the V-Commander and becoming TimeFire was part of a plan by Captain Ryuya to escape his foreseen death. Eric becoming the Quantum Ranger was not planned by anyone.
Naoto was a loner. Eric was a loner but still friendly on some occasions.
He calls Tatsuya by "Asami" several times. He called Wes by "Collins" only once, when they fought each other.
Naoto doesn't have his own Battlizer. Eric has his own Battlizer.
When he found out the Time Ranger's secret he decided to exploit this to his advantage. When he found out the Time Force Ranger's secret he promised to Jen that he would not tell anyone.
Naoto usurped control of the City Guardians away from Wataru Asami by exploiting the Timeranger's secret for himself. Eric never tried to betray Mr. Collins nor take control of the Silver Guardians for himself.
Naoto was discharged from the City Guardians when Wataru Asami is able to exploit the fact that they no longer needed him due to modification in the V-Commander. Eric was never discharged from the Silver Guardians.
The V-Commander was modified by the City Guardians to remove the Voice-Lock function allowing Tatsuya to use the V-Rex after Naoto passes it on to him. Deactivates the Voice-Lock function on the Quantum Morpher so Wes can use the Q-Rex.
Naoto passed on the V-Commander to Tatsuya to prevent the Asami Group from obtaining it. Eric gave the Quantum Morpher to Wes so he could stop Ransik and the Doomtron.
Naoto dies in the finale after being shot by a Zenitt. Although he wasn't shot by a Cyclobot, Eric was injured in the final battle, but managed to recover from his injuries.
Naoto only appeared in one crossover special. Eric appeared in three crossover specials including an anniversary teamup.
Never teamed up with Gaorangers. Eric teamed up with Wild Force Rangers.
Naoto never met Gaku Washio, GaoYellow in a teamup with a Gaorangers. Eric developed a love-hate relationship with Taylor Earhardt, the Yellow Wild Force Ranger in a teamup with a Wild Force Rangers.
Naoto created the Gokai Silver Ranger key and gave Gai Ikari the Timeranger's greater power along with DragonRanger and AbareKiller in the afterlife. Eric had his zord modified into the Q-Rex Drill Megazord, but did not give Orion his powers.
Naoto didn't reform until the finale, just before his death. Eric reformed not long after his introduction.
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