This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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HurricaneBlue/Blue Wind Ninja Ranger

This page highlights the differences between Nanami Nono and Tori Hanson.

Blue Wind Ranger


Nanami Tori
Nanami was aspiring idol. Tori was aspiring surfer.
Nanami assisted in multiple crossovers, including the Gaorangers, Abarangers, AkaRed's team and the Gokaigers. Tori assisted Dino Thunder and part of Sentinel Knight's team; never worked alongside Wild Force, and did not appear unmorphed in Super Megaforce.
Nanami was happy and easy-going. Tori was a tomboy.
Nanami was the third female Sentai Blue overall after Blue Dolphin (Megumi Misaki) and Blue Swallow (Ako Hayasaka). Tori was the first ever female Blue Ranger overall.
Nanami had an evil counterpart. Tori did not have an evil counterpart.
Nanami becomes a singer in the finale. Tori dates Blake in the finale.
Nanami never turned evil but had an evil Ranger Key Clone that served Black Cross King alongside other Ranger Keys before Goseiger. Tori was turned evil once by Lothor's morpher until his trance worn out, allowing her to help Dino Thunder in time.
Teamed up with RyukiIcon-crosswiki & KnightIcon-crosswiki never allied with Dragon KnightIcon-crosswiki & Wing KnightIcon-crosswiki
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