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This page highlights the differences between Nagi Matsuo and Calvin Maxwell.

Ninja Steel Yellow


Nagi Calvin
Nagi is related to all the Ninnigers except Kinji Takigawa. Calvin is not related to other Ninja Steel Rangers other than being team comrades.
Nagi is the 18th male yellow ranger of the Super Sentai franchise and the first since Tsubasa Ozu. Calvin is the 4th male yellow ranger of the Power Rangers franchise, the first since Charlie Thorn and the first and only male Yellow Ranger in the Neo-Saban Era.
Nagi is the youngest member of the main team. Calvin is the same age as his other team members except Aiden Romero.
Nagi played by Kaito Nakamura and never recast to another actor. Calvin was originally to play by Chantz Simpson but dropped out and was later recast to Nico Greetham shortly before filming had begun.
He and Fuuka Igasaki are cousins. He is dating Hayley Foster.
Yoko Usami is his predecessor of the previous Sentai three seasons ago. His next two successors were also male. Yoko's counterpart, Zoey, will succeed Calvin, despite a long held rumor between Zyuohger and Kyuranger, which have a Male Yellow, to be getting adapted
Nagi is an avid studier and wants as many lisences or certifications as possible Calvin knows a lot about working on vheicles, despite fearing to ride them for a period of time
Nagi met the TOQgers and Kyorygers at the same time in a movie Calvin met each representive from a certain Power Rangers team in the 25th Anniversary team up.
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