This article is about a/an comparison of Zords in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Mythical Chi Beast Won Tiger and White Tigerzord.

MMPR Tigerzord

Won Tiger/Tigerzord


Mythical Chi Beast Won Tiger White Tigerzord
Was created by the combined power of Master Kaku and the five main Dairangers to provide the KibaRanger with his own mecha. Was presumably created by Zordon and Alpha 5 to provide the White Mighty Morphin Ranger with a Zord.
Was created by the Great Cosmos in a process that required the Dairangers to travel to the location where it was to come into existence. Was created with no apparent difficulty by Zordon and Alpha with no obligation for the Rangers to travel anywhere.
Shadam of the Gorma Tribe became aware of its development and attempted to prevent it from being created. The Evil Space Aliens were unaware of the Tigerzord's creation until it first engaged them in battle, and Mondo the Magician did not appear until some time afterwards.
Did not battle with Gasha Skull, and is not known to have ever been destroyed. Was destroyed by Rito Revolto at the start of the third Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season.
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