This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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Gosei Yellow/Megaforce Yellow

This page highlights the differences between Moune and Gia Moran.

Gosei Yellow
Mega Yellow
Megaforce Yellow


Moune Gia Moran
Is a Gosei angel-in-training stranded on Earth. Is a high school student.
Powers come from her native Angel tribe. Powers given by Gosei when she was in high school.
Is the younger sister of Gosei Black, Agri. Is the classmate and love interest of Megaforce Black, Jake Holling.
Is the youngest of the group (17 years old). Is the same age as the other Mega Rangers.
Landick Power is based off of buds and sproutlings Land Power is based off of the Jungle
Got promoted to Gosei Angel status at series end, and retained powers til the war (i.e. did not become Gokai Yellow ). Gained a second Ranger power set (i.e. Super Megaforce Yellow) on top of her current one later on.

Met the Ninningers, albiet transformed only. Juza Yumihari did not want to clone past sentai rangers.

Lord Draven used her Megaforce power for his Robo Ranger army that was defeated with the help of the Ninja Steel Rangers (among other rangers).
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