This page highlights the differences between Miki Masaki and Robert James.

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Miki Robert
Miki was a high executive of SCRTC. Robert was the founder of Jungle Karma Pizza.
Miki does not have a Ranger Key due to not being a ranger. RJ Has a ranger key.
Miki debuted in episode 1 but never gained powers as GekiViolet. RJ Debuted in the 1st episode but gained powers after.
Miki never gained ranger powers and was only a close ally to the Gekirangers, responsible for designing most of their weapons and was only a high executive. RJ became the Wolf Ranger in Friends don't Fade Away, after his debut.
Possesses abilities in Gekijuken Beast Arts as a wildcat but never used Gekiranger powers. Possessed martial arts skill and became a Jungle Ranger later.
In the same Triangle as Gou Fukami and Rio and the only one who remained loyal to Sha-Fu instead of following a different path. Had no connection to Jarrod prior to his rebellion; though remained loyal and worked alongside Master Mao.
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