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This page highlights the differences between Messiah and Evox.
Messiah Cell
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Messiah Evox
Messiah represented by a floating head. Evox represented by a cobra.
Neo-Geildon assumes the form of Neo-Messiah Snide never assumes the form of Evox.
Messiah created Enter and Escape through the data of the scientists captured within the Enertron core. Different traits are taken from different captives; neither of the two is based on any single person. Evox corrupted Blaze and Roxy into his own evil Rangers by infecting the Morphin Grid.
Was not responsible for Hiromu, Ryuji, and Yoko's weakpoints. Devon, Ravi, and Zoey gained their weakpoints due to his virus corrupting the animal DNA they were infused with.
Messiah's motivation is to steal the Enertron and eradicate humanity. Evox's motivation is to take over the Morphin Grid.
Messiah was first recorded appearance was 13 years prior to the series, assimilated an entire Transport Research Center and was teleported away by several scientists who sacrificed themselves to contain Messiah. He spent 13 years building an entire army before sending them to the human world. Evox appears on the present day but his only success was copying two Ranger candidates into his avatars. Once being teleported to Cyberdimension, he took over Scrozzle's faction as his own and arranged the attack on human world in an instant.
Has a raging, childish, destructive personality. Has an intelligent, manipulative, power hungry personality.
Messiah has a Father-Daughter relationship with Escape. Evox only sees Roxy as his subordinate.
Messiah's design is similar to Power Rangers characters such as Zordon and the Venjix Virus. Evox's design is similar to Venosnaker from Kamen Rider Ryuki/Dragon Knight.
Messiah does not have a connection to Beet J. StagEvox intended to take control of Steel as his new body to escape the Cyber Dimension, however could not possess him because Steel has human DNA.
Did not have Danganloid as a general. He recruited Vargoyle to be his fourth general.
Messiah evolved with the materials used to create his body, Messiah Cell. Evox required enough Morph-X to create his robotic body.
Revived Cutterloid, Parabolaloid, Forkloid, and Keyloid. Did not recreate Slicertron, Antennatron, and Spiketron.
Has demonstrated the ability to assimilate buildings and organic life to form his giant body. Has demonstrated the ability to grow to giant size on his own due to accessing the Morph-X within his body.
First defeat came when Hiromu destroyed the computer that was his brain. Was first defeated when Devon blew up a Morph-X tower, the explosion destroying his body.
After his core was destroyed, he was rebooted in the form of the Messiah Cards to insure his resurrection would be complete. After his body was destroyed, he escaped and has inhabited Mayor Daniels's body.
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