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Bouken Black/Black Overdrive Ranger

This page highlights the differences between Masumi Inou and Will Aston.

Bouken Black
15 Operation Overdrive - Black Overdrive Ranger 01
Black Overdrive Ranger


Masumi Inou Will Aston
Was not second-in-command of the Boukengers. Was second-in-command of the Overdrive Rangers.
Became leader of the Boukengers after Bouken Red retired. Never became leader of the Overdrive Rangers.
Treasure hunter who rivaled Satoru Akashi Honorable thief who eventually became a consultant
He is an anti-hero. He is a good hero.
Discovered and awakened a Lemurian princess whom he made his partner as Natsuki Mamiya. Masumi felt like an older brother to Natsuki.

Was just friends and teammates with Ronny Robinson, not having any special bond whatsoever.

His life was manipulated by Yaiba of Darkness in an experiment to bring out the darkness within him Held a rivalry with Kamdor due to both having similar goals in stealing the required treasure
Quits the Boukenger first due to confidence issues associated with Yaiba, then until he finally returns during the final crisis with Gajah Pretends to quit Operation Overdrive to get a treasure from Kamdor
Teamed up with Gekirangers in Juken Sentai Gekiranger vs. Boukenger. Never teamed up with Jungle Fury Rangers.
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