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This highlights the differences between Masakage Tsugomori and General Tynamon.
Masakage Tsugomori
General Tynamon


Masakage Tsugomori Tynamon
Is a small Yokai in a human sized Karakuri suit. Is a small Alien in a human sized robot suit.
Debuted in Shinobi 13: Burning! Ninja Sports Day. First known monster he created was Yokai Yamawarawa. Did not appear until being debuted later on in Ninja Steel's second season in episode 13, Prepare To Fail. Appeared long after Ace and The Race and has no known association with Shoespike.
Was a general who worked under Gengetsu Kibaoni. Was a general who worked under Odius. He was not affiliated with Galvanax since he died before his debut.
Came before Ariake no Kata and Mangetsu Kibaoni's debut episodes. Came along with Brax long after Badonna's debut.
Initially did not have any respect for Kyuemon what so ever until his identity being revealed as Gengetsu's first born child. He has respect for Madame Odius when he offered his services for her.
He was Mangetsu's underling and fellow general. Is Brax's manager.
Is on good terms with Ariake no Kata. Is not on good terms with Badonna.
He was the one who was helping Yokai Yamawarawa cheat in the leg race with the explosives. Didn't make his appearance at the time and Shoespike did the cheating by himself in the leg race.
Created Advanced Yokai Nue to defeat the Ninningers. Did not create Lord Drillion as he was handpicked by Galvanax.
Created Yokai Kasabake from Tsumuji Igasaki's fountain pen to bait into his dojo. Did not create Spyclops as she was handpicked by Odius and she had a human form.
Sent Poison Arrow Ninja Suzumebachi to fight the Ninningers. Had no involvement with Venoma what's so ever but rather Odius did.
Did not steal a Nin Shuriken for future plans. Manages to steal the Ninja Steel Rangers' Fusion Star.
His plan was to brainwash the denizens of Japan to discredit the Ninningers by altering their memories which ended up getting foiled. His plan was to infilitrate Summer Cove High School in his actual size to brainwash Mick with a special raygun to join Odius' side and succeeded.
Masakage's secret was never known to his fellow subordinates. Tynamon's secret was only known to Badonna and Odius. Brax, Cosmo and the Rangers discover it soon before his death.
His actual size did not contribute to Gengetsu's final plan with making Kyuemon the Last Ninja. Made use of his actual size as a part of Odius' final plan with sneaking in to brainwash Mick.
He died after Mangetsu. He died before Brax.

Did not like becoming giant and only did so as a last resort.

Final words promised that Gengetsu's plan would continue regardless of his death.

Did not like being tiny and so, his greatest wish was to become giant, which was eventually granted.

Final words complained about how he should never have grown. Never made mention of Galvanax in any of his appearances although he was presumably known to the late champion due to his association with Odius.

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