This page highlights the differences between Mangetsu Kibaoni and Brax,


Mangetsu Kibaoni/Brax


Mangetsu Kibaoni Brax
Based upon the full moon. Based upon hands and a barbarian.
Son of Gengetsu Kibaoni. Never encountered Galvanax as far as we know.
Able to fire fire from his hands. Unable to fire fire from his hand.
Signature attack is his Supreme Fang - Mangetsu Slash (牙凌道・萬月斬 Garyōdō Mangetsuzan). Signature attack is lightning his sword on fire and throwing energy flames at his enemies. Attack where he summons a wave of shadows and energy blades was only used once.
Half brother to Kyuemon Shingetsu Kibaoni. Not related to Madame Odius and just served her.
Boss of Masakage Tsugomori. General Tynamon was his manager.
Son of Ariake no Kata. Lover of Badonna.

Created monsters such as Super Advanced Yokai Shuten-douji .

Never created any .
Creator and master of Super-Advanced Youkai Shuten-douji. Friend of Gorrox.
Was able to be destroyed by the Strongest Ninja Sword Ninja Gekiatsuto because it was a former demonic weapon he had never encountered before. Was vulnerable to the SuperStar Blade because it was more powerful than him.
Fought the Ninningers several times. Fought the Ninja Steel Rangers only three times (only two of which involved a battle against all six).
Left the battle with the Gashadokuros because he was offended at Masakage and Kyuemon's interference and left to confront them. Left the battle with the Skullgators because he wished to see the Rangers killed from the luxery of the Dome Ship.
Destroyed by the Ninningers in a combined finishing move after the failure of Shuten-doji. Grew immediately after joining Gorrox so was not destroyed twice.
Enlarged himself with Kyumon's hammer. Enlarged by Cosmo Royale.
Said nothing when enlarged either time. Growled when enlarged for the first time and answered Gorrox's question for what to do now they were giant for the second time (crush the Rangers).
Final words were directed at the Ninninger mentor and not his mother. Final words were directed at Badonna and not Mick.
Final words before death were him telling the old man that Mangetsu couldn't defeat the Ninningers. Final words were him apologising to Badonna for not killing the Rangers and dying in the process.
Resurrected temporarily. Remained destroyed and has never returned.
Destroyed for the second time by the Simultaneous Exploding Shock Slash. Destroyed for good by the Ninja Blaze Ultrazord.
Final words before final death were him calling his mother an old hag for being a "useless shield" and then calling out "mother" as they died. Final words never differ from his original final words.
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