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This page highlights the differences between Makuin of the Blob and Bigs.

Makuin of the Blob


Makuin Bigs
Is the leader of the Yuumajuu who plans to turn earth into a poisoned world for his kind to live while humanity suffers. Is the co-leader of the Toxic Mutants alongside Bluefur, becoming a general to Malkor through Vrak's behalf and plans to punish humanity for his kind's own sake by turning Earth into a toxic paradise.
Existed 10,000 years in the past until he was stopped by a former squadron of Goseiger and locked away in the Erurei Box with Kingong Only existed in modern times.
Spoke with a harsh, gruff voice. Spoke with a slightly dimwitted voice.
Grows giant and deliberately allows his defeat, so Kinggon can collect his remains and transfer it to the Erurei Box, to begin the final stage of their plan. Never grew giant; would have been defeated for good, but saved by the Aurora Box, causing Bluefur to take advantage of it and come up with a new plan.
Knows nothing about the Universal Annihilation Army Warstar's existence, but had allied with Buredoran prior to the latter joining Warstar Has made an alliance with Malkor and Vrak along with Bluefur soon after Creepox is defeated.
Knew about Buredoran's traitorous nature and tried to bring him in line, first imprisoning him for going after the Abare Headder and failing; then later killing him for his manipulation of him and Kingong for his own purposes Has never imprisoned Vrak, has been loyal to him along with Bluefur, and no betrayal was ever intended.
Was last seen as a ghost along with Kinggon, Robogorg, and Mons Drake as they try to attack Brajira until being blown away. Was last mentioned along with Bluefur and Creepox by Admiral Malkor for their downfalls with Vrak.
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