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This page highlights the differences between Machine Empire Baranoia and the Machine Empire.

Machine Empire Baranoia
Machine Empire


Baranoia Machine Empire
A robotic army whose leader, Emperor Bacchus Wrath, hails from Earth with no known ties to any other villainous organizations A robotic empire of alien origin led by King Mondo that briefly split off from the United Alliance of Evil.
Leadership was usurped by officer Bomber the Great after Bacchus Wrath was destroyed in battle, who exiled Buldont and Empress Hysteria. Bomber was later overthrown by the returning Buldont and destroyed by Gunmazin. Leadership was usurped by Louie Kaboom, a creation of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa's intended to destroy the empire, who never exiled Prince Sprocket or Queen Machina. Louie Kaboom was overthrown by Prince Gasket and destroyed by the Zeo Ultrazord.
Bacchus and Hysteria had one son, Buldont, who gained a powerful adult form and assumed control of the empire in his father's stead, also marrying Princess Multiwa. Buldont and Multiwa were later destroyed by the Ohrangers, but left behind a son. Mondo and Machina had two sons, Sprocket and Gasket, with Gasket fleeing the empire after angering his father by marrying Princess Archerina, a daughter of Mondo's rival King Aradon. The two later took over the empire briefly from Louie Kaboom, but fled after the return of King Mondo, leaving their ultimate fate unknown.
Bacchus Wrath was permanently destroyed in battle against the Ohrangers, only reappearing to grant his remaining power to his son so Buldont could reclaim the empire. Mondo was rebuilt several times after facing the Zeo Rangers in battle.
Had no rivalries with other evil Sentai factions. Had a rivalry with the Evil Space Aliens, which started when they chased Rita and Lord Zedd away from their moon palace.
Baranoia disbanded after Buldont and Multiwa were destroyed by the Ohrangers. The leaders of the Machine Empire were destroyed by Rita and Lord Zedd, who disguised a bomb as a peace offering.

They were later rebuilt and rejoined the United Alliance of Evil. They were neutralized when a major force of good wiped most of them out with his death. Five Machine Empire generals would prove to have taken charge by the time of Wild Force.

A remnant Machine Beast ends up working alongside the Bowzock to create "car people" and is defeated by the Ohranger and Carranger An entire remnant corp of Machine Generals with an army of Cogs work to revive Serpentera and is defeated by an entire army of Red Rangers lead by the original and particularly the newest.
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