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This page highlights the differences between Infinity Dragon and Scorch

Infinity Dragon



Infinity Dragon Scorch
Main antagonist. Tertiary turned secondary antagonist (once Camille turned against Dai Shi).
Had a warrior form and a human form. Was a seperate character from Dai Shi and was the leader of the Phantom Beasts.
Was a god who plays with his victims's will and is beyond treacherous. Was a devoted general for Dai Shi and was summoned by Jellica along with Snapper and Whiger before joining Dai Shi.
Manipulated Rio to further his goal of destroying humanity. Plotted against Jarrod in an attempt to destroy his humanity.
Got sealed by the end of their series Got destroyed by the end of their series
Final words were him complaining that he was immortal before being sealed for the second and final time. Final words were him arrogantly claiming that he was unkillable due to being a Phantom Beast General.
An Immortal A Mortal