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This page highlights the differences between Londerz Family and the Mutants.



Londerz Family Mutants
A group of futuristic criminals/gangsters led by Don Dolnero. A group of Mutant fugitives led by Ransik.
Escaped to the year 2000 in order to be able to get away with criminal activity in a time period where their advanced technology cannot be stopped. Escaped to the year 2001 in order to create a more ideal world for mutants & robots to rule over humanity.
Unknowingly controlled by Captain Ryuya of the Time Defense Bureau, manipulating them, particularly Gien, to bring about the Great Annihilation in February, 2001 to secure a better future for himself. Never assisted or allied at any point by Alex.
Insane human-turned-robot member Gien later betrayed the group and mortally wounded Don Dolnero, who turned over the remaining criminals to the Timerangers before he died. Human-turned-robot Frax broke away from the group but was later recaptured and reprogrammed after all but a handful of the Mutants had been recaptured by the Time Force Rangers.
Lila survives, vanishing into the 21st century with her fate unknown after the death of Dolnero. Ransik and Nadira later reformed and turned themselves in to Time Force; all the Cyclobots were destroyed in the final battle, and Gluto froze himself.
No members of the Londerz family ever had dealings with Ogre Tribe Org or the Gaorangers. Ransik allowed the Mut-Orgs to copy his Mutant DNA in exchange for added power, but later worked with Nadira, Time Force, and the Wild Force Rangers to stop them after they joined forces with the Orgs of the past.
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