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This page highlights the differences between Lithia Tribe Princess Mei and Katherine Hillard.

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Mei Kat
Mei appeared entirely in Zyuranger, but has no connection with Dairanger and Kakuranger, outside the crossover movies afterwards. Debuted in the seventeenth episode of season 3 of Mighty Morphin.
Mei was the first in line to receive her powers. Katherine received her powers from Kimberly Ann Hart.
Mei had her powers based on the Pteranodon. Katherine's suit powers were based on PteraRanger & zord powers based on Ninja White.
Mei was a princess of Lithia tribe. Katherine was a high school student.
Mei had a rivalry with Lamy. Her relationships with Scorpina were never developed into.
Mei never became OhPink or Pink Racer. Katherine became Zeo Ranger I & the original Pink Turbo Ranger.
Mei teamed up with Abarangers & Kyoryuger. Katherine never teamed up with Red, Blue, or Yellow Dino Rangers, and she only teamed up with the Dino Charge Blue Ranger.

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