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This page highlights the differences between Lipstick Songstress and Lipsyncher.

Lipstick Songstress


Lipstick Songstress Lipsyncher
Gorma Minion working alongside the Gorma Triumvirate. Monster created by Lord Zedd from a vial of Trini's lipstick.
Only worked alongside Purse Priest after being revived by the Duke of Cards. Created alongside Pursehead by Zedd.
Uses a sword; but main ability involves using a choir of brainwashed human girls to cause a disturbance in the Dairangers' combat through sound. Only used a sword for combat.
Held a rivalry with Lin of the Heavenly Wind Star after she scars her face; caused problems for Ryo of the Heavenly Fire Star in stopping Ryuuseioh in combat. Held a rivalry with Jason Lee Scott after scarring her face, never held a rivalry with Kimberly.
Pursued Lin to prevent the reawakening of the Heavenly Beasts before being destroyed by them. The other Thunderzords did not need reviving for the Red Thunderzord to destroy her.
Appeared in two episodes and a movie. Appeared in one episode and no movie.
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