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This page highlights the differences between LinerBoy and Max Solarzord.

LinerBoy/Max Solarzord


LinerBoy Max Solarzord
Was a giant robot with artificial intelligence that was capable of speech. Was a piloted Zord later modified to work by remote control.
Never associated with a GoGoFive Ranger or their one-time ally Beast-Demon Hunter Zeek. Was the personal Zord of the Titanium Ranger.
Fought Infernal Dark Hell Beast alongside Victory Mars, Galaxy Beast Warrior GingaiOh, and Heavy Starbeast GoTaurus. Fought Trakeena alongside Omega Megazord and the Galaxy Megazord, but not alongside Torozord due to its destruction.
Was later pulled through time to join the Timeranger Mecha in battling Boribaru. Did not fight alongside the Time Force Zords against Quarganon.
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