This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Lieutenant Colonel Shadam and Mondo the Magician.

Lieutenant Colonel Shadam
Mondo the Magician


Shadam Mondo
Shadam is the main villain Mondo is a one-time monster of the week.
Shadam is a commander of the Gorma tribe from the real world. Mondo is a fictional sorcerer from the fairytale "Grumble the Magic Elf".
Shadam lead the Gorma invasion of Earth, commanding various Gorma monsters against the Dairangers. Mondo cursed Grumble the Elf with eternal grumpiness, which could only be broken when Grumble delivers toys to orphan children. Was not a direct opponent to the Power Rangers.
Shadam directly fought the Dairangers numerous times on his own accord. Mondo was summoned from his book to the real world by Rita and commanded to defeat the Power Rangers
Shadam shortly usurped the throne from Gorma XV before his destruction Mondo never showed any sign of rebelling against Rita and Zedd.
A clay clone was destroyed by RyuuRanger; whereabouts of the original unknown Mondo was never destroyed, returned to his book after defeated
Shadam grew giant size due to opening a gate to hell; shrank after the gate was sealed Mondo grew giant size after escaping his book; was forced to return ultimately
Shadam could change from human form to fighting form. Mondo never had a human form.
Shadam was the father of Kou of the Howling New Star (KibaRanger) Mondo had no relation to Tommy Oliver (White Ranger)
Shadam only battled RyuseiOh. Mondo battled the Thunder Megazord and the White Tigerzord Warrior Mode
Killed by being stabbed in the stomach by the Red Ranger's knife. Sent back into his story book by the Thunder Sabre.
His words upon defeated and sealed by RyuseiOh were him curses & can't let it end here. But his final words were him begging Ryou for help before turning to dust. Final words were him claiming that the Rangers had sealed their fate by knocking him down with the White Tigerzord and drawing the Thunder Sabre.
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