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This page highlights the differences between Lieutenant Colonel Shadam and Lord Zedd.

Lieutenant ColonelShadam
Lord Zedd


Shadam Lord Zedd
The commander of the Gorma Tribe's conquest of earth, but not the main leader. Malicious, evil ruler of the Evil Space Aliens, including Rita Repulsa.
Is a living clay construct, appearing as a human being from Earth. Is a monstrous alien from another galaxy.
Does not contribute to the enlarging monsters as lesser Gorma members carried their own Enlargement Bombs. Contributed to his monsters growing by tossing growth bombs at them from space. Later combined his powers with Rita, zapping the monsters from space to make them grow.
Spoke with a normal human sounding voice. Spoke with a gruff deep voice.
Had no ability to create monsters. Instead, he used his authority to command lesser Gorma Tribe members against the Rangers. Used his magical staff on objects and animals to turn these into monsters.
Was irredeemably evil, menacing and sadistic throughout the whole series. Was very menacing and serious in his first appearances but later mellows after his marriage to Rita, becoming less formidable and more comical (due to love potion).
Frequently tried to undermine the plans of other Gorma Tribe members for his ambition of power. Even those who are the same rank or higher. Wants other villains to acknowledge him as 'Emperor of all Evil' but always backs down or submits before someone more powerful, like Master Vile, the Machine Empire or Dark Specter.
Was married to a human woman from the Dai Tribe. It is implied Shadam does not care one bit for his wife. Is Married to Rita Repulsa, another alien. Their relationship was mostly friendly, despite frequent bickering.
Is the father of twins Akomaru and Kou. Both of them have an antagonistic relation with their father. Fathered a son with Rita named Thrax; The relationship between Thrax and his parents is unknown.
Frequently fought the Dairangers in direct combat. Even fought Dairenoh once in giant size. Rarely confronted the Power Rangers directly. Did not fight against any Megazord in giant size; The only time he grew to giant size was when he knew the Rangers were powerless to stop him.
Fears Daijinryuu for its enormous powers. Owns Serpentera as his own powerful war Zord.
Took over the throne of the Gorma Tribe with a complicated scheme involving living clay replica's looking exactly like higher ranked Gorma members. Never showed any ambition of taking over the position of his superiors.
Is revealed to be a clay doll himself after being defeated by Ryou. The real Shadam is still missing. Revealed to have a human form after being purified by Zordon. Presumably lived peacefully after that.
Only appeared in Gosei Sentai Dairanger. Has no appearances outside of said season. Appeared in every episode of the second and third seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Also made a few appearances in Zeo, the Turbo movie and In Space.
Left no big impression on the Super Sentai franchise as a whole. Is one of the most iconic villains of the Power Rangers franchise, still being popular many years after his initial appearance on TV.
Did not appear in any extra seasons. Appeared in Power Rangers HyperForce.
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