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This page highlights the differences between Land Pollution Vice-Minister Hiramechimedes and Venjix Virus.
Land Pollution Vice-Minister Hiramechimedes


Hiramechimedes Venjix Virus
Was the Vice-Minister of Banki Clan Gaiark under Land Pollution Minister Yogostein. Was the leader of the Venjix Computer Network, and General Shifter is his underling.
Was a supporting villain. Was the major antagonist of RPM.
Is one of the robot species of Gaiark. Is an artificial intelligence virus that inhabited Generation 13 Attack Bot as his personal body.
Injects himself with an overdose amount of Bikkurium to upgrade into Detaramedes, at the cost of his sanity. Upgraded a Generation 13 Attack Bot body with various components, but hastily went into the battle while only 80% of his consciousness uploaded.
Has an undying loyalty to Yogostein and dedication to the Gaiark's cause. Is a self-serving ruler who treated his underlings poorly and banished General Shifter due to Tenaya 7's part in a sabotage.
He was killed by Go-On Red and permanently sent to afterlife following his return as Urameshimedes. His upgraded Generation 13 Attack Bot body was reduced to a torso and a head, which General Shifter managed to salvage. Venjix had stopped using these bodies after their countless failures.
Although they never met, Crime Minister Yogoshimacritein is considered as Hiramechimedes' superior in the hierarchy of Gaiark's ruling members. After repeated failures of the Generation 13 Attack Bot body, Venjix inhabited the Generation 16 created from General Shifter's remains.
Has a transgender older brother named Kokorootomedes. Has a pair of twin identical aliens named Lavagor and his unnamed brother in Power Rangers Ninja Steel.
His soul ascended to afterlife and was never seen again ever since. He is entirely unrelated to Messiah from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. He returned to his pillar after discarding Generation 13 and was killed while inhabiting Generation 16. A portion of his virus inhabited Scott's Morpher and became Evox in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.
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