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This page highlights the differences between Land Fist Demon Maku and Grizzaka.

Land Fist Demon Maku


Maku Grizzaka
Maku is the original leader of Rinjuken prior the sealing of him, Kata and Rageku. Grizzaka fought under Dai Shi in the past as his strongest warrior, never lead the Rinshi forces.
Maku was above Rio but below Long, making him the secondary antagonist of the the series. Grizzaka was above Jarrod and the Phantom Beasts but below Dai Shi, making him the secondary antagonist of the series.
Was voiced by Hidekatsu Shibata, who had voiced many previous Sentai villains, prior to Gekiranger. Was voiced by Derek Judge, who had voiced Black Lance in the previous season.
Maku was corrupted by Long due to possessing the potential power of the Phantom Beast King. Grizzaka never possessed any other special powers other than his own.
It was Rio who wanted to revive him following his defeat, against the wishes of Kata and Rageku. Carnisoar and Jellica wanted him revived, while Jarrod thought it was a bad idea.
His body was located in a chamber under the Confrontation Beast Hall. His body was in far away cave.
His Ikigimo needed to be recovered in order for him to be revived. There were no complications with his revival.
Maku overthrew Rio once revived due to wanting to control Rinjuken again, thus making him the main villain up until his defeat. Grizzaka overthrew Jarrod once revived due to seeing Dai Shi having been reduced to a mere human, thus making him merely an arc boss. Later on he remained loyal to Dai shi when he got revived.
Maku is ultimately redeemed with the reuniting of Geki Juken and Rinjuken. Grizzaka returns to fight alongside Dai Shi in the final war, only to die once again in the final battle.
Was once a human. Was always a monster.
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