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This page highlights the differences between Kyuemon Shingetsu Kibaoni and Madame Odius.

Kyuemon Shingetsu Kibaoni
Madame Odius


Kyuemon Shingetsu Kibaoni Madame Odius
Is a male with a feminine voice. Is a female.
Was originally a human. Has always has been an alien.
Had a connection to Tsumuji Igasaki, due to being the one who stole his Nintality. Had only once encountered Dane Romero when Galvanax attempted to seize the power of the Ninja Nexus Prism before Dane disappeared.
Is the one who enlarges the Yokai with the Magic Hammer that he stole from the Igasaki Shrine. Has no involvement with enlarging the contestants; rather, Cosmo Royale fires the Gigantify Ray. Her hammer was used as a magic wand instead.
Used Yo Shurikens, an evil counterpart of the Nin Shurikens, to enlarge the Yokai and summon Giant Yokai Gashadokuro. Does not have evil versions of the Ninja Power Stars. Skullgators are also summoned by Cosmo Royale.
Had a connection to Starninnger due to having a similar grudge to Yoshitaka and tried to manipulate him. Never possessed the Starninnger Shuriken. Possessed the Gold Power Star temporarily through stealing it from the Gold Ranger when she kidnapped him.
Seemingly treacherous but in reality was helping with resurrecting his father, Gengetsu Kibaoni until Izayoi was betrayed Was secretly treacherous to Galvanax. Because of his abusive treatment towards her, and with her knowledge of the Ninja Stars, she would want all the power to herself. She then outright attempted to kill Galvanax and the Rangers at the same time with the Mega Magnet for the Ninja Steel. Even going as far as taunting him for Ripcon being the accused traitor when clearly it had always been her the whole time.
He was the first son of Gengestu Kibaoni, stepson of Ariake no Kata, and step brother of Mangetsu Kibaoni. She is in no way biologically related to Galvanax, Brax, or Badonna.
Had no involvement in Gengetsu Kibaoni's death. Instead, he was absorbed, nearly destroyed, and redeemed at the end of Ninninger. Was secretly responsible for Galvanax's death, due to weakening him and the Rangers with a magnet-like weapon about the size of the Warrior Dome; as a result, he was easily destroyed by them.
Did not outright take over Kibaoni Army Corps, and was third-in-command of the entire army. Took over the Warrior Dome Ship for her evil conquest for power after Galvanax's death, making her the second-in-command of the entire main Galaxy Warriors crew.

Did not meet Chaos.

Made a deal with Sledge to repair the Warrior Dome in exchange for the Ninja Super Steel asteroid.
Teamed-up with the RoidmudesIcon-crosswiki from the Kamen Rider Drive SeriesIcon-crosswiki and ShockerIcon-crosswiki from the Kamen Rider Franchise. Does not team up with any villain faction related in any way to the Masked Rider TV seriesIcon-crosswiki.
Kyuemon created the Izayoi Way Ninja Army Corps with corrupted Nin Shuriken. Ariake no Kata didn't play any part in this. Badonna had booked the Galactic Ninjas to appear in Galaxy Warriors while Madame Odius does her job as the show's producer.
There are five Deciples of the Izayoi Way Ninja Army Corps and appear one at a time with Mujina appearing in two episodes.

There are only four Galactic Ninjas. All are introduced in Attack of the Galactic Ninjas. Venoma has the most appearances of any of the groups members, followed by Wolvermean.

Her mecha, Karakuri Kyuubi debuted in the same episode as Substitution Ninja Mujina.

Wolvermean was defeated, but survived two episodes before Foxatron, her Zord, first appeared.

Was a lower rank than Juza Yumihari Both Odius and Lord Draven lead their villain factions to destroy the Power Rangers while invading all dimensions.
Possessed Luna Kokonoe, but this was after his death. Did not brainwash any Rangers or mentors. Brainwashed Levi (via Spyclops) and later Mick Kanic while leading Galaxy Warriors.
Kills Yoshitaka Igasaki to gain the End Shuriken, become the Last Ninja, and gain his final form. Brainwashes Dane Romero to stall the Rangers as she uses the Nexus Prism to create the Nexus Super Star and gain her final form.
He redeems himself after being defeated, then dies, and went on to become MidoNinger before passing on to the afterlife. She is not redeemed and dies in the final battle.
Was born during the Sengoku period (between four and five hundred years ago) and sent into the future. Existed over a thousand years ago and did not time-travel to the future.
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