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This page highlights the differences between the Kyoryugers and the Dino Charge Rangers.

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Dino Charge Rangers


Kyoryugers Dino Charge Rangers
Each dueled their Zyudenryu to gain their trust and earn their partnership. Each bonded to the Energems, and by extension their Zords, due to various traits and qualities that were found worthy.
Are normal human beings. Utsusemimaru is time-displaced due to being encased in Dogold and is from the Sengoku Period. Because they bonded with the Energems, they will not age. Koda is 100,000 years old, and Ivan is 800 years old.
Powers came with Armed-On mode, which accompanies their individual weapons. Powers were developed to access Dino Steel, an armored mode which grants access to their individual weapons.
Kyoryuger powers are a legacy as partnership is earned by newer individuals. Energems presumably bond to one host at a time.
Their mentor was a former Deboth member as well as their Silver Ranger. Their mentor had no connections to the villains, nor did his apprentice, the Silver Ranger.
There were two human Silver Rangers throughout this team's life-cycle. There was never a human Silver Ranger.
Fought alongside with the Gokaigers briefly in a movie team-up, as well as Go-Busters and ToQgers. Never fought alongside with the Mega Rangers. They did end up teaming up with the Beast Morphers Rangers during their season.
They fought an evil Kyoryuger. They never fought an "evil Dino Charge Ranger", which brings up the point of the Dark Ranger. Though they did fight Clone Rangers and Doomwing.
All ten Kyoryugers have had transformed together. Despite having appeared in multiple episodes together, all ten rangers are never seen transforming together. The closest thing to this happening is with nine rangers.
The evil Silver Ranger was faking being a villain and was Red Ranger's father, not Aqua Ranger. The evil Silver Ranger was legitimately evil and was a clone of the original while Aqua Ranger was Red Ranger's father.
They teamed up with the Zyurangers and the Abarangers, but this didn't include Dragonranger, AbareBlack, or AbareKiller. They teamed up with the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and the Dino Thunder Rangers.
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