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This page highlights the differences between Kinji Takigawa and Levi Weston.

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Ninja Steel Gold


Kinji Levi Weston
Is an unknown yokai hunter. Is a famous country star.
Serves as the comic relief Ninninger. Never served as the comic relief Ninja Steel Rangers. 
He is not related to any of the five core Ninningers. He is the older brother of Brody Romero (Ninja Steel Red).
Learned Japanese to go to Japan and joined the team. Didn't need to learn another language before joining the team.
Initially unofficially a member of the team as Yoshitaka Igasaki didn't want to accept him until Takaharu managed to convince Yoshitaka through a challenge. Immediate official member for team, as the Prism contained his star.
Is the sixth to get a NinShuriken. Is the fourth to get his Ninja Power Star.
Was unintentionally motivated by Yoshitaka Igasaki to become a Ninninger and obtained the StarNinger Shuriken after commissioning it to Tetsunosuke Saika XXI. Was chosen by the Gold Power Star to become a Power Ranger, with no outside motivation.
Only encountered Kyuemon Izayoi after his debut. Was captured by Madame Odius prior to his debut after obtaining the Gold Ninja Power Star.
No rangers knew of him. All rangers (except Brody) knew him by his stage name, Levi Weston; Brody knew him as Aiden, but failed to recognize him after ten years apart.
His brother and father were not Red Rangers, and were murdered by Western Yokai Wolfman. His brother and father are both Red Rangers, and alive well. His father disappeared after sacrificing himself against Galvanax, until his return ten years later in the present.
Younger sibling within his family Older sibling within his family
Initially mistaken as enemy during the first meet with team because he attacked them. Is not mistaken as enemy and never willingly fought against team, as he was brainwashed in "Tough Love".
Already had the Furai Nin Shuriken and the Bison OtomoNin Shuriken when he debuted. Obtained the Storm Star and the Bull Zord Star from Mick.
Has a Burger-Themed Changer. Morpher is a modified version of the core team's morpher. Has a Burger-Themed mobile device that he uses to take pictures and selfies with fans or after defeating monsters.
Joined the team under his true identity. Joined the team under an alias while lacking his memories of being Aiden.
Never suffered amnesia. Had his memories of being Aiden stolen by Madame Odius, who transferred them into a robotic impostor, but regained them later.
Had a Youkai form, but ended up freeing himself and attaining a special form. Never had a relationship with Yokai Kasabake, nor had girlfriend on the show. Since the form from Kinji rejoining the Ninninger has been teased, it is possible Odius may turn Levi evil in Super Ninja Steel. It turns out that he was brainwashed by Spyclops, who was disguised as fan of his and tried to be his girlfriend to do this. However, Levi did not turned into another Dreadwolf, but one of his big fan instead, whom Levi must rescue as himself than as a Gold Ranger.
Became Starnininger Chozetsu the episode before the Izayoi Way Ninja first appeared. Became Lion Fire Gold after the defeat of the Galactic Ninja
Teamed up with Jiryia right after defeating Poison Arrow Ninja Suzumebachi. This was before Mangetsu returned. It was only confirmed that Jiryia would be getting adapted under the name Sheriff Skyfire shortly after Love Stings aired. This will ocur after Brax's first apperance.
Transformed into a copy of Western Yokai Wolf Man by the Demon Sword Urasame. Had his voice stolen by General Tynamon to use the Fusion Star and create Megamauler.
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